I was born in Chicago, Illinois, 1947. There, I grew up in an environment of diverse immigrant cultures. These proud people were the manpower for the “city of broad shoulders”, and they exposed me to lives comprised of struggle, hope, passion and determination. At age six I entered Catholic school and its rich traditions of liturgical music, painting, sculpture and pageantry captured my imagination. At age nineteen, I was drafted into the U.S. Army and served overseas until December 1968. I returned to the U.S. and a year later settled in Boston, Massachusetts. The influential industrial power of my native city was succeeded by the challenging intellectual power of Boston. This city presented me with many opportunities that formed the solid foundation on which I discovered my creative potential and thus, built my artistic career. In Boston I attended the University of Massachusetts but devoted most of my time and effort to studio work. In 1971, as a founding member of The Boston Center for the Arts I was fortunate to have painted alongside artists such as Alex Elmaleh De Buenos, and Pascal Tchakmakian. I lived and worked there with many creative people including, writers and actors, composers and ballet dancers who have since left their mark on American culture. It was an exciting time and Boston was an opportune place to emerge socially and artistically.

In December 1981 I left Boston and moved west to Seattle, Wa. The “natural forces” of the great northwest soon transformed my visual vocabulary. The closeness to nature led me to a more intimate expression of life. The multiplicity of natural forms and geologic forces in the region are compelling and to accommodate these powerful influences I eventually turned to sculpture. This medium soon represented my entire creative disposition. Sculpture best accommodated my desire to explore, through the human form, essential aspects of humanity within contemporary global culture.
Figurative sculpture is now my primary mode of expression. Although, neglected in the contemporary art world, figurative sculpture, having reached through many thousands of years, need not argue its validity in the briefness of today’s art trends. Quite the contrary, I believe it is the backbone of the visual arts and will endure.

Currently, when time allows, I teach sculpture as well as bronze casting.

The following is a selection of exhibits and collections of my work:


Artist's In Heat, 2005, Enumclaw WA
Seattle University, Kinsey Gallery
Unclad 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Camano Island
Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, FL
Gallery Atelier 31, Kirkland, WA
Gallery concerts, Early Music Guild, Seattle, WA
Safeco Insurance Company, Seattle, WA
North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA
Lynn McAllister Gallery, Seattle, WA
Mass College of Art, Boston, MA
University of Ma, Boston, MA
Massachusetts State College System, (traveling exhibit)
Prudential Insurance Company, Boston, MA
Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA
Goethe Institute, Boston, MA

Private Collections:
Ron Hooghiemstra, Mons, Belgium
M. Fusillier, Orleans, France
Pacific Northwest Partners Co., Bellevue, WA
Nextcare Hospitals Inc., San Antonio, TX
PNP Management Inc., Bellevue, WA
Olympia Networking Services, Olympia, WA
Charles Wright Academy, Tacoma, WA
North Adams State College, North Adams, MA
Lyndon State College, Lyndonville, VT
Talcott Banks Collection, Lincoln, MA
Warland and Virginia Wight Collection, Lakeview, WA
Theodore Wight Collection, Seattle, WA
Jennifer Owen, Kansas City Ballet, K.C., MI
Lisa and. James Usdan, Austin, TX
Alvy Ray Smith, Seattle, WA

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