Edward Trobec, Sculptor

Edward Trobec’s sculpture has timeless beauty and thoughtfulness found rarely in contemporary art. Creating powerful three-dimensional images, he challenges our understanding of nature, ourselves and of the cyclical relationships we create.

Despite the allure of high technology, market forces and contemporary academics, Trobec doesn’t shy from his native talent or follow the fashionable. He says of his forte, “I do not choose to be a sculptor -- the figure inspires me to be a sculptor.”

A solid command of his medium and a feeling for both the lyrical and the dramatic indicate his artistic maturity. Without surrendering to contemporary expectations, he engages these creative faculties to express definitive characteristics of humanity. These are often as diverse as pathos, humor, tragedy and the philosophic. Moreover, his art transcends his personality. Forms generated by his skilled hands acquire an autonomous energy that you feel pulsing within. Edward Trobec says, “The creation of art is an experience of being, the expression of energy and spirit… there is no progress of being, only awareness of being”. Often the conspicuousness of his images belies their profound complexity. Those who collect his bronze sculpture enjoy, as with fine wine, the gradual emergence of sublime mysteries. You are invited to share and enjoy the beauty and the poetry of Edward Trobec’s bronze sculptures and learn about the artist, his life and his process. Revisit and explore his extraordinary world of art.

Design by Karen Gatens
Construction by Midline Design



For more information about Edward Trobec contact the artist at:
or call 206-325-4393
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